Ramin Rak discusses Glioblastoma

As a Board Certified neurosurgeon with Neurological Surgery, P.C., Ramin Rak performs a wide range of advanced procedures aimed at treating diseases of the brain and spine.

He recently received quite a bit of national press for a procedure during which he removed a man’s glioblastoma multiforme tumor.

Glioblastoma multiformes (GBMs) are tumors located in the spinal cord or cerebral hemisphere of the brain.

Not only are these tumors highly cancerous, reproducing cancer cells at an alarming rate, but they are also quite strong as they are supported by a large network of blood vessels. We still do not have a great understanding of what causes GBM, but we do know that it grows quickly and produces symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, headaches, and pressure on the brain. It is also very difficult to treat, as the tumor usually situates itself deep within the network of tentacles found in the brain. This makes it rather difficult for surgeons to remove the tumor without impacting the patient’s coordination, language, and fine motor skills. Different surgeons have different methods for addressing a GBM, but Ramin Rak has had success with awake craniotomies.

Ramin Rak recently operated on a 52-year old man diagnosed with GBM, Donald Squire.

Squire only had one symptom, a twitch in one of his eyes, and his wife suspected that he had suffered a stroke. After he was taken to the doctor, brain scans revealed the tumor. Ramin Rak used brain mapping neuronavigation technology to plan a path for getting to the tumor and removing it. Squire remained awake during the procedure so that his vision, speech, and language could be continuously monitored as Ramin Rak moved through the delicate areas of his brain. Squire is now doing much better and has not noticed any changes to his peripheral vision following the surgery. You can read more about the procedure here: http://grow-your-practice.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Dr-Rak-Newsday-062213.pdf


Learn more about Ramin Rak and the procedures he has performed by viewing his DoctorsHangout profile, or following him on Tumblr: dr-ramin-rak-md.tumblr.com

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