Ramin Rak-Previously Inoperable Tumors and Awake Craniotomies

Recent medical breakthroughs have now made it possible for awake craniotomies to be used to treat brain tumors previously thought to be inoperable.

Ramin Rak of Neurological Surgery, P.C. is world renowned for his completion of awake craniotomies and as Long Island’s most experienced neurosurgeon performing this procedure, he has worked to set up awake craniotomy programs at multiple hospitals around the Long Island area.

Awake craniotomy is a procedure that Ramin Rak uses to surgically address hard-to-reach brain tumors by keeping the patient awake during the operation.

During this procedure, the patient is unable to feel pain but is still able to control his or her speech, vision, and movement. This allows Ramin Rak to determine whether the operation has affected the parts of the brain that control these senses by periodically asking the patient to move a limb or complete a sentence.

Ramin Rak awake craniotomies

Ramin Rak puts his patient’s mind at ease before performing awake craniotomies

When Ramin Rak determines that a patient is a good candidate for an awake craniotomy, he works with a team of specialists to establish a baseline of cognitive function and precisely pinpoint the tumor’s location.

These specialists include neurophysiologists (who monitor the brain’s electrical impulses), nurses, and physicians’ assistants. Ramin Rak and his team use specialized mapping techniques before the procedure to map out the brain’s gray matter and nerve fibers within the white matter. These techniques give him a better understanding of where the most brain damage potential dies, which he uses to protect the patient’s ability to speak, move, and see.

Ramin Rak recently authored a press release that explains how functional brain imaging (functional MRI) and other neurological techniques are making it possible for him to operate on brain tumors previously thought to be inoperable.

A functional MRI helps identify functional areas of the brain impacted by a tumor while neuronavigation and new types of anesthesia have also made the procedure easier and safer to complete.

Find out more about how these imaging techniques are making it easier for Ramin Rak to perform awake craniotomies by reading the full press release.

Learn more about Ramin Rak and his advanced awake craniotomy techniques by viewing pictures on his Pinterest or connecting with him on Doctor’s Hangout: http://www.doctorshangout.com/profile/DrRaminRakMD.

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