Ramin Rak-Mapping Makes Previously Inoperable Brain Tumors Treatable

A recent press release published on February 20, 2013 introduced a medical procedure called awake craniotomy (learn more about awake craniotomies), performed by neurosurgeon Ramin Rak.

As a specialist who completes complex brain and spinal surgeries, Ramin Rak is highly praised for his use of micro-neurosurgical techniques.  With this expertise in micro-neurosurgical techniques, Ramin Rak was able to establish awake craniotomy programs in multiple hospitals in the Long Island area.

Ramin Rak is one of the leading neurosurgeons in New York currently performing awake craniotomies.

For this procedure, patients remain awake during  brain tumor surgery. He uses unique mapping approaches to map the brain’s gray matter and nerve fibers of the white matter before operating. This technique protects potentially affected areas of the brain from damage by helping him avoid particular areas of the skull. Mapping determines whether or not the operation will touch any of the sensitive areas of the brain that are associated with our abilities of speech, movement, and vision.

Due to functional brain imaging (functional MRI) and other neurological technologies, awake craniotomies can now be performed on patients whose tumors were previously thought to be inoperable.

The procedure has proven safer and easier to conduct over the past couple of years. The most reassuring aspect is that patients do not feel pain when they are either awake or sedated during an awake craniotomy.  Ramin Rak releases his patients after observing them for 48 hours.

Ramin Rak mentions that technological advances have made it possible to perform this procedure at local levels instead of solely at larger medical centers.

Working closely with the specialized team at Neurological Surgery, P.C., Ramin Rak is able to perform multiple tasks which include providing anesthesia and electrical impulses to the brain. His expertise with advanced micro-neurosurgical techniques has garnered the respect of medical professionals and patients all across the nation.

Read the full press release here: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2013/2/prweb10445390.htm

Find more about Ramin Rak by reading the reviews written by his patients on Certified Consumer Reviews or by viewing his video interview.

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