Ramin Rak on: Microdiscectomy

Ramin Rak is a Board Certified Neurosurgeon who specializes in the completion of complex micro-neurosurgical procedures.

Over his highly decorated career he has traveled across the country to share his micro-neurosurgical techniques with other physicians. The Neurological Surgery, P.C. surgeon also uses his micro-neurosurgical techniques to perform complex spinal surgeries such as Spinal Fusion, the X-Stop Procedure, and Microdiscectomy.

Microdiscectomy is an especially complicated procedure that is primarily used when a patient complains of leg pains caused by a herniated lumbar disc.

Ramin Rak uses advanced mapping systems including magnetic resource imaging (MRI) and computer tomography (CT) to check for a herniated disc. After studying these results, Ramin Rak is able to determine whether a microdiscectomy is the best way to relieve the patient’s leg pains.

A herniated lumbar disc occurs when compression or impingement on the nerve root takes place along a patient’s spine. This compression or impingement causes considerable leg pain, which goes away immediately after completion of a microdiscectomy.

When Ramin Rak completes a microdiscectomy at one of Neurological Surgery, P.C.’s affiliated hospitals, he examines the disc and nerves under a high-powered microscope.

This micro-neurosurgical technique causes less tissue damage compared to a regular discectomy, meaning that patients experience a shorter recovery time. After making the incision, Ramin Rak lifts the back muscles off of the lamina of the spine. He then removes a membrane over the nerve roots so that he is able to enter the spine.

Ramin Rak uses operating glasses in order to view the disc and nerves, which makes it possible for herniated disc material to be removed through smaller incisions.

By removing a portion of the bone over the nerve root, Ramin Rak provides the nerve with more room to heal and remove the symptoms of neural impingement.

The microdiscectomy is complete once all herniated disc material has been removed (more on this procedure).

Find more about Dr. Ramin Rak and his microdiscectomy techniques by following him on Tumblr or by viewing his recent video interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPgfIpc70IU

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