Ramin Rak Discusses: Spinal Fusion

Ramin Rak is a skilled neurosurgeon with Neurological Surgery, P.C. in New York.

Working with the largest private neurosurgery group in the New York Tri-State area, Ramin Rak is trained to treat patients with specific injuries to the brain and spine. Neurological Surgery, P.C. and Ramin Rak believe in using the latest cutting edge micro-surgical technology for treating brain injuries and tumors. Ramin Rak works alongside four other highly acclaimed Neurological Surgery, P.C. neurosurgeons who make up the Spinal Fusion Team.

With the rest of the Spinal Fusion Team, Ramin Rak performs complex procedures to treat spondylolisthesis.

Spondylolisthesis is a spinal condition that is caused by a vertebrae slipping forward, due to a fractured joint, which then produces a pinched nerve in the spine. Apart from the intractable back pain, patients will also feel the pain travel all the way to their legs via the sciatic nerve. Spinal fusion is their latest technique for treating individuals suffering from such back pain.

Ramin Rak spinal fusion

During spinal fusion, Ramin Rak uses screws and rods to hold the bone grafts in place, as shown above

In order to alleviate the pain Ramin Rak and members of the Spinal Fusion team must fuse two or three lumbar spine segments.

They first focus on the problematic vertebrae by removing the lamina (about the lamina). After removing the lamina, Ramin Rak and his team of surgeons are able to see the problematic vertebrae down to the bone. This allows them to get rid of pieces of bone that are pinching the vertebrae so as to relieve any pain and pressure. Next, fusion begins. The fusion of two spine segments together is known as a bone graft. Once the bone graft is complete, the Spinal Fusion team inserts rods and screws to hold the grafts in place and heal the two spine segments. As a result, the discs are kept from slipping and causing future complications for the patient.

Learn more about Ramin Rak by watching his video interview on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPgfIpc70IU or view his other videos on Vimeo.

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